Bent Archontophoenix alexandrae Frond.

Hazey_MattDecember 7, 2012

hi, i recently purchased 3 small Archontophoenix alexandrae.
When they arrived in the mail they were a bit dry and what not but reasonably healthy but the tallest one which has 3 fronds had one healthy, one browning n old and another healthy one but what bent about 3 inches before the leaves start and it is looking less and less healthy.\
Should i cut the brown and bent fronds off leaving only the healthy one or do i just leave them be.
As these palm are only a metre or so tall they are still relatively young.

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All 3

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The problem fronds

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I wouldn't worry about them. You have the summer season coming on so you should get some new growth. It's basically a cosmetic issue with the brown leaves.

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