No Sun Bbut have inflos

konatikiJuly 7, 2010

Even without a lot of sunshine over the last month here in north San Diego my inflos are about to burst.

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WOW!!! that's impressive. Goodluck

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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

Cool shot. That's an interesting tiki there.

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i live in close are you

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I'm in Vista. Right above RBV high school. "Shadowridge"

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Hello Konatiki,
I noticed the same thing with my cuttings this year. I got 4 nice large cuttings from Hawaii and a couple of them had formed inflos with very little light. One of them was my celadine which should be blooming her by next week. The other was my pudica but I cut off the inlfo because there was still no roots growing on the cutting. Good luck with your plumies!

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