Possible Root Rot?

NicholasHJuly 28, 2014

Just bought these Plumerias from the PSA July Sale in Houston, Texas. At the time When I got them, I didn't notice any issues. They were good looking Plumerias. The only issue was that the soil was very damp and the plant was loose. It appeared that both plants had been planted in these containers just to sell them at the show. Well anyways, I went home and repotted them in new pots that were black and had great drainage. Of course using my Plumeria mix w/ perlite. Once I was done repotting them, I gave them some water. I wake up the next morning and One of them is wrinkled up and mushy. The other was starting to wrinkle up and was mushy as well. Not sure what to do now? I am not sure if this is my fault or the sellers fault. I do have the sellers phone number. I have read if root rot is the case, I am to cut up to where the green part of the Plumeria is. Well that's not the case here, both Plumerias are mushy from top to bottom. Any suggestions?

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Its hard to say from the picture. Maybe sunburn as well? I would start with moving it to a shady spot where it can recover from possible shock. At this point I would keep it on the dry side to help it re-root if its actually a case of shock.

What did the roots look like when you transplanted it? Can you also post a picture of the leaves/tips? What variety is it?

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