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dixieboyDecember 12, 2010

Alex, Justin & Randy, glad y'all enjoyed the pics & to answer the questions, washies when they get toasted ( in most years ) will come back in the coastal areas just like you see in one of the pics ( around the bend from our place ) minors are from this area of the Pamlico Sound region including Hatteras & Ocracoke. Thanks for look'in!4 pics

Our place

Minors at our place.

Our place.

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butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)

Beautiful pictures as usual.I see you can even grow Sago palms outside there also.I've tried and tried to grow them outside here and the rot in the ground.In Macon,GA. just maybe 100 miles south of here they have them growing everywhere.It still amazeses me that people living 3 states north of me can grow plants that I can only dream of growing because of there proximity to the ocean.I've been thinking of trying to grow those Sabal minor Hatteras palms.Do they grow slow as Sabal Palmettos?Do you know of a good place that sells them and also ships?I checked out Gary's Nursery and he doesn't ship.It's snowing here now and Mondays low is going to be 15 degrees.Last winter and this one has been crazy.I never remember it snowing before Christmas or this cold of temps.here in December.

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Randy, i replanted this one out of the woods when it was a seedling, it was slow but at a steady pace to what it is now. I think plants delight mail orders minors from this area, don't they? I don't protect my cycads but looks like this year they will be put to a cold damage test!! Thanks, Carl

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Love those minors!!!! I wonder how tall they get before they start to decline from old age. Yours look so nice and healthy!
Thanks for sharing!

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How old is that minor that has a trunk

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Alex & SIpalm

I really don't know how old SM live to or when they start declining.

The one with the trunk is one i rescued from a eroding shoreline that was about to meet it's demise by be'in claimed by sea water.

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Thanks for the info! Did it go into any shock from being transplanted? I hear that they really decline when being dug up. Im glad you saved it from its demise because its a really beautiful sabal!

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

You're back!

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