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tomatogal_MI(z6 MI)April 8, 2004


I am new to these forum. I usually hang out in the growing tomato forum. I am a photographer who loves to photograph children playing in the flowers looking natural. I have 3 acres and would like to devote a nice size patch to flowers. I need some suggestions on the type of flower that would bloom from June-October, if there is such a thing. A flower that is at least one foot tall but not taller than 2 1/2 feet. Of course, I would love a flower that keeps on reseeding for the following year. I love purple flowers. I am in Michigan in zone 6. Also if anyone has some suggestions on a hayfield etc.



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John_Blakeman(z5/6 OH)

Sorry, nature doesn't provide for what you wish.

But you might want to consider the creation of a prairie with 10 - 20 species of flowers. Check the websites of prairie suppliers.

The planting of a prairie, however, is not merely the sprinkling of a few cans of seeds on an old field. The area must first be completely cleared of all living plants, usually by planting a season of Roundup Ready soybeans, followed by proper planting of the prairie after the beans are harvested. Planting (on this scale) requires a prairie grass seeder, not easy to find.

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Purple coneflower

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