any body growing areca catechu/betelnut?

dangrowsDecember 25, 2006

Just curious about where I can get seeds or a seedling of this interesting palm. How well will it grow in Pinellas county Florida? I havent seen any here.

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wingo_43(z7b GA)


Good luck with that. I'd like to see what happens with your betel nut quest! You're living in one of only 2 states (California being the other) where you might actually succeed in growing these palms outdoors. Most everywhere else, a greenhouse would be needed.

I do know the seeds contain psychoactive alkaloids, which may mean they're treated like a controlled substance. You might have your work cut out for you in obtaining seeds. Not sure about seedlings. I did find one company that sells seeds, but don't know anything about them...never heard of Tropilab, Inc. They're based in Florida.

Some 10% of the world's population like to chew betel nuts on a regular basis, for the mild euphoric effects and feeling of well-being. But research is now showing a strong link between betel nut usage and cardiovascular damage, cancer of the stomach and other problems.

Here is a link that might be useful: betel nut info

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They will grow but in my opinion there not worth the trying. They spot up at 50 degrees and look ugly to me. I have one and I will trade it for another palm that I like.

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spockvr6(Zone 9/10)


I am in Pinellas (Tarpon Springs) and have one of these palms in the ground. Its been quite a fast grower (it probably has 4 ft of trunk now and was planted in June 2005 with no trunk at all). But, as David mentioned, they are very cold sensitive and will spot easily in winter. Mine havent spotted quite at 50F, but lower 40's seems to do it (at least to some degree on the lower leaves).

I have also seen a couple more of them around town, but as youve noted they are rare. The other ones Ive seen were both in the front yard of a house in Safety Harbor.

In short, these palms are great to grow as a novelty (thats why I have one), but probably not much more than that outside of the real tropics.

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spockvr6(Zone 9/10)

Also---heres an old thread from the IPS board which has some Areca catechu pics. There is also some discussion about the "dwarf" form (which seems like a better and more unique form IMO).;f=1;t=869;hl=catechu

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Golden Lotus in Thailand just sent me the following e-mail concerning their seed availability:


Chiangmai, December, 2006.

ARECA CATECHU "DWARF". (Dwarf Betel Nut Palm)

A dwarf habit with unusually very compact crown of short leaves!!

An ornamental!! It flowers when the trunk is about one m. tall!

Us$ 70/ 100 seeds

Us$ 255/ 500 seeds

Us$ 450/1000 seeds

A dwarf Areca catechu is a lot easier to take care of because you'll probably have to keep it in a pot and a smaller palm will be easier to move inside during the winter. They are not tolerant of cold or even cool weather at all.

I ordered 50 dwarf Areca catechu seeds from a few months ago and the seeds germinated very quickly. However, the site doesn't list the seeds as being available right now.

Here's a photo of a seedling.

Here is a link that might be useful: Golden Lotus

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orchiddude(+7b ALabama)

That aint no real plant, your joking right? Looks like a wig with a plant stuck in it.

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I know what you mean. It sure is funny looking, but the seed I got is about that size only the long "hair" was trimmed away. The color of the seed is just like mine as well. I think you're looking at a real Areca catechu seedling.

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Is this somthing you plant or wear ?

Sorry but i have never seen anything like this,it
kind of looks like a small coconut with rogain !

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If i could overwinter it in minnesota for 3-5 months, i would. Has anybody overwintered this, or grown it indoors for part of the year? I hear its cool tolerance is better than most Areca's, the other being triandra, which isnt one of my faves, because of the clumping nature of it. But its requirements i hear are more tropical than cocos. If anyone has overwintered this beaut, please reply. Thx

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I tried overwintering it. It was a beautiful 4.5 foot tall palm that I got in October 2010. I left it outside on a sunny and dry 75F day and the palm completely leaned over. I still have no idea why. Maybe it was too dry since the soil was dry. Maybe it was too windy since it was a windy day. I brought it inside and propped it up and it continued to decline until it died 3 weeks later.
I dont have a lot of advice other than not to invest too much money in them since I grow difficult indoor palms like coconut palms and majesty palms (I'm guessing you dont like those haha) without any problems, but I couldnt get this one to survive.
Let us know how it goes if you do try it! I'm considering getting a smaller betel nut palm to try again.

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I've got several of the larger (normal?) growing ones but I know some people prefer the dwarf varieties. I think there's a "gold" variety as well.

Tropical, if yours was in a pot, out on a warm windy day and left dry, that was probably the cause of the decline. They'll cope with some soil dryness when in the ground, the ground never really dries out, whereas a pot will very quickly.

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Thanks for the tip on that tropicalbreezent! My Betel nut palm was my biggest gardening mistake, I've never had a plant flat out die like that. My solitaire palm was a good replacement though since it's a lot hardier and they have a similar look to it. When I do get another Betel Nut palm, I'm going to get the dwarf one because I think that has a really interesting look to it and I dont have to worry as much about finding room for it indoors during the winter.

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Sounds like there is good reason you do nt see them being sold as indoor palms. But I have seen the clumping Areca triandra being sold at box stores so it must be easier, if you want one from ths genus.--I appreciate solitary palms and clumping about equally though.

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I can imagine Solitaire Palms, Ptychosperma elegans, being a bit more cold hardy, their natural range extends right outside the tropics. But their habitat is wet or swampy, so they wouldn't be one to let dry out.

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Alex, I do hate majesties with a passion. Up here in the great white north (well, we now have only 16 in. of snow now) majesties are bountiful and plentiful as home depot has them ranging in sizes from 1Gs to 7Gs. HDs prices are as follows: (based on locations ive been to): $7 for a single plant in a 1G pot, $10 for 2,3,4,5,6 plants in a 1G pot (per pot,ooftah), $15 for a single plant in a 2G pot, $25 for a single in a 3G pot, $35 for a single in a 5G or 4G pot and $50 for a single in a 6G or 7G pot. Lowes prices: $15 for a single or multiples in a 2G pot, and sometimes but not always, $27 for a single in a 4G pot. I have been exasperated on majesties and will order some Ravenea Hildebrandtiis instead as they are easier to care for and also grow smaller at a moderate to fast growth rate. There was a hospital that had a few HUGE majesties planted in June but were pulled up and thrown out in November. As for care level of Rivs, i am just about exasperated. I finally had flexibility in my schedule to go and purchase an ultra-sonic humidifier and i think my 2 majesties just want to stay in that all the time. But i cant let mold grow so i use it for 8hrs at night, not 247. I fert them once every 2 weeks with miracle grow water soluble and they stay very green. There are these white things that arent mealybugs (i have a magnifying glass and did an observation for 3 days, havent moved a bit), maybe its just white mold. Im waiting till spring to repot my severely root bound one, which is kinda strechin it. But overall, i hate majesties and think their only good use is for weddings and for annuals. They are inexpensive cheap grown plants that trick you into getting a good value for your money, even when they are marked down alot. When you buy one, your just buying more problems. Instead while your at HD or Lowes, buy a cat palm or a parlor palm. I saw a parlor palm in a 6 in. pot for only $5 at lowes. By the way, Bachmans nurseries only in MN sells Coconut palms in 1G pots for $25. They also sell cat palms and chamaedorea seifriziis only in spring and summer. Home depot (or home desperate or home despicable) sells plenty of Phoenix Roebs here,ouch.IKEA also sell majesties and dypsis lutescens in 1G pots for $13 but i wouldnt trust them, probably infected or have fungi growing in them. Well anyway im rambling. Wake me when home depot stops selling palms that arent made for the house, like majesties or dypsis lutescens.

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Now, about areca catechu. I saw a guy selling in-the-pot betel nut seedlings on ebay.The selles name is:Massspectumindustries.There are currently 5 more available, and if i wanted to order by July, there may not be anymore. But, in the case that there is, my rule of thumb, is buy 2 in case the other one dies or croaks or declines. I, have only killed one palm seedling since i first became interested in August 2012, which was Wodyetia Bifurcata. I live i Minnesota, so i would have to grow this indoors 5-8 months of the year (depending on temps outside). I would also like to get advice about growing Areca guppyana, Areca Vestiaria,Areca Ipot,Areca Macrocarpa, Pinanga Caesia, Pinanga Speciosa and Verschaffeltia splendida indoors and overwintering info.

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I think i will only stick to growing verschaffeltias and ravenea hildebrandtiis and bentinckia nicobaricas indoors. Nobody grows pinangas or guppies or vesties indoors, too tough (think catechu too).Indoors as in overwintering i mean,not long term houseplants, just in for 5-8 months and out for 3-4 months.

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I always try not to buy plants in the winter because I feel like plants get stronger throughout the summer and are more able to survive indoors after they go through a long summer. I think that the palms that you want to get would be able to survive indoors but I would wait till spring to get them since you have to worry about them freezing while being shipped and then you have to worry about them declining from transplant shock and a lack of heat, humidity, and sun.
Good luck with your palms!

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Well of course id wait till at least june to get palms. I want 2 verschaffeltias, 2 ravenea Hildebrandtiis, 2 bentinckia Nicobaricas and 2 Adonidias which including the cost of the palms, shipping and taxes it all comes up to $270!! Websites to be used: 1.Ebay,2. Tropicalgardensofmaui,3. All shipped in the pot. If i come up short on money, ill just purchase those (specific ones) palms in july or august. Does anyone think palmnuts is a good website to order from and has good prices? Or is there better sites that ship in-pot out there? I also hate bare root stuff along with majesties and dypsis lutescens. If people had common sense maybe they would buy a cabada palm or a ravenea Hildebrandtii or a Glauca?

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Anybody know if areca ipot, guppyana and macrocarpa would work indoors to overwinter? Or pinanga caesia?

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Hatemajestypalms, I actually bought one of those sprouted seedlings from that seller a few months ago and it grew a bit and handled some chilly weather surprisingly well until one day I came out and it had just shriveled up and died. This palm is the epitome of tropical when large and well grown. I will be buying another this spring so that it has a whole summer to get established.

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Is $50 (without shipping is $30)for a 3 foot plant from hawaii a good gamble? I think its alot of moola, but its the only one I can find on ebay that ships in the pot. Why so much? Im afraid to ask because the seller will still make me dole out $50 for a ultra tropical palm that isn't very forgiving. What do y'all think? Give me your thoughts and opinions.

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