Wildflowers Sown into Grass

snfork(z8 TX)April 13, 2005

Last fall I asked if you all thought I could seed wildflowers directly into a lawn. All but one reply said it wouldn't work. I went ahead and did it because I had 8 lbs of seed I thought would just go bad. I now have a beautiful field of small pink, purple, white, and blue wildflowers! There's a lot of other plant life in there........probably some weeds, grass, and wildflowers that haven't bloomed yet. I'll post a photo tomorrow. If anybody's interested, I will post updates through the summer...........

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Rosa(4ish CO Rockie)

If they are now blooming and you sowed them this past fall, they are annuals. Perennials that bloom the first year are few and far between. Nothing particularly wrong with that although some can be very weedy (or can be considered invasive species). As long as you are aware of this and not thinking that you have a native, perennial wildflower stand with your grass (at this point).

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Vera_EWASH(z5 EasternWA)

....and of course alot of the perennials may or may not even germinate the first year either. Alot of my perennial seed that I put out my first year (fall of 2003) are just now coming up in spring 2005 and wont bloom until next year...I'll definatley see more this year than last tho:)


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