Over wintered Bhut, problem this season

habjolokiaJune 23, 2011

So first time overwintering, plant has been repotted back in Feb and it's been back outside for about a month 1/2 most of the old foliage has fallen off and new have grown I even have flower buds none flowered as of yet. I am also growing plants from this plants pods from last season which are doing great. The problem is the old leaves which i am not to worried about but alot of the new leaves fall off to the touch or wind blows them off it's bizarre to me. I don't over water I always let the plant show me when it needs watering, don't use much ferts. Drawing a blank here maybe I need to add something lacking in the soil? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hi are you having temperatures swings at night? sometimes when the plants go outside they kind of get shocked and as they become acostumed to the outside temps they recover and do great. I am wondering do you happen to have any seeds for the ghost pepper that I can have? I am willing to pay postage.Please let me know thanks Marcie

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Marcie I have some ghost pepper seeds I can mail you. I don't have a ton left, but enough for you to start a few plants for next year.

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sloan(z8 GA)

Same here, Marcie. I've got a whole lot left over from last year's peppers. -t.r.s.

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Hi Marcie, so far I just keep up with watering limiting any changes to the soil. I would think by now it should have bounced back by now. My night time temp is avg 70 degrees. Zone 7. My seedlings went out at the same time and are really taking off no longer seedling that's for sure. Well a few responded about Ghost chilli seeds, I do have a few from last season. If you want let me know. Or just respond to the others who have also offered. Thanks

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