Have I killed my Plumeria?

thatdarkgirlJuly 3, 2014

Hi all, I just found this site, and I'm hoping you can help me. I live in San Francisco, where summer temps are in the 60s mostly. A couple months back, I accidentally allowed my plant to dry out during a hot spell (80s). It lost all its leaves, and now it's just a sad trunk. I keep giving it a little water, hoping for a miracle, but I fear I've killed it. It's my first, and I'm clearly clueless. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for your help!

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I have rarely heard of too little water killing a plumeria, especially when it is warm out. If I were you I would give my plant a good soaking with water and leave it in a sunny location. When the soil looks dry again I would soak it again. Make sure you give the plant plenty sun and water; however allow the soil to dry out between waterings. Good Luck!

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Thank you SO much, PecoraroDPT! :)

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Hi there! Are you able to post a picture?

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How many months ago? Pretty sure it just went dormant, as plumies do

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I would not worry about it... Someone gave me a cutting a couple of years ago, in March, I stuck it in a fertilizer bag I had in the garage and forgot all about it ...in May or June I reached for the fertilizer bag and saw the cutting, it had not only leaves but flowers!!!!

I felt so bad I ran to Home Depot and bought a large planter and planted it...It is growing beautifully .....by the way, I live in Southern California ...

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Thanks, all! I have been watering it, but I fear it might be done--there's been no sign of life. :(

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what is the color of the tip and how about the stem at the soil line? You could gently dig into the soil to look for light color roots (white, tan/plump roots = good, brown/collapsed=bad)

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