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juliebw(z5 NY)May 15, 2005

With a group I planted a seed mix last fall after preparing the site last summer: cardboard topped with leaf mold, removed weeds, planted in mid October using a mix from Wild Seed Farms. Right now I have seen only two kinds of seedlings: annual bachelor's buttons, and lots of something unfamiliar to me. Shouldn't I be seeing a greater variety of seedlings at this time?

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Vera_EWASH(z5 EasternWA)

No..not really.
I sowed my small area in November of 2003 and I didn't see much except a few annual Coreopsis,about 3 small perennial type Coreopsis, Black-eyed Susans, some grasses,and Blue flax by June/July 2004...In August I started seeing lots more that had started coming up like Blanket Flower, Dotted Mint, and many more seedlings that were just slow to show. This spring (2005) is exploding in new plants that didn't germ year 1 and way more grasses are evident. It's definatley not something to expect fast results when doing a wildflower planting (on any scale) unless you spend lots of money and put in plants!! I'm learning patience and it really fun to go out there and see what's new...right now the only thing I see knew is a gazillion Spittle Bugs on my plants LOL! Little buggers anyways :)The Ladybugs are hangin out and I hope there getting fat.


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Vera_EWASH(z5 EasternWA)

Just re-read your post...Batchelor's Buttons are non native exotics...very heavy seeders and ivasive. Here they are being decided on whether or not to add to the Noxious weed watch list. It freely grows in waist places, road sides, hillsides, and just about any crack or crevice with some dirt it can find! The empty weedy acre or so lot across from us is filled with them...not completely but close...all escapees from my neighbor!


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