Do you plant around your strawberries?

tammyinwv(z6/WV)April 17, 2010

I have a long bed in the potager that has 30 strawberries. Is it alright to plant some low growing plant/flower around them, Or is that not recommended because of blocking the sun? If so whats good? They are spaced about 6-8" apart.


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Tammy- I think any annual that won't be too tall will work fine. The strawberries will fill in pretty quickly (they spread like crazy, unless they're alpines) so annuals are probably best. I'm thinking of putting alyssum in between mine, with maybe some borage in the back. That's supposed to be a good companion plant for strawberries :)

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I thought about Alyssum, but didnt know if it would block sun to the strawberries. They are Sequioa (sp?). I am not familiar with borage. I thought about lettuce next yr. With just getting that horse manure in (even tho it is aged pretty good) I wasnt sure about putting any root crops or lettuce in it this yr.I mulched heavily around the strawberries tho.

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Big disclaimer: I am growing strawberries for the first time. I know nothing.

That said...

Mine have been going in round pots, 6 to a pot, for over a month now. Some of the berries are wanting to turn red. Even at 6-8 inches apart I can see that it won't be long before it is hard to distinguish between individual plants. So if something is planted in between it needs to be "airy" enough, not a plant with a ton of structure at least in their leaves. So the idea of putting alyssum sounds like a really good idea if that works for your climate in the summer. You would want something that just peeks through the running strawberry leaves and the hanging fruit. Lobelia would be another option.


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Thanks julie. I dont think i have any lobelia.But I do have plenty of alyssum seedlings

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lavender lass, you just gave me an idea for my borage. I saw a seed pack in the store, couldn't resist and now I have 9 of them growing. I think I'll pop them in behind my strawberries (which are a bit unruly right now. I've had to transplant a few from the paths back into the beds.)

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Ali-b, That will look nice together. I'm putting in a little borage in the back with white alyssum mixed in with the strawberries. The visiting kids are going to love it, very patriotic end of June/early July :)

We tend to get yellow jackets on the strawberries, especially in August, so I'm thinking of putting in a few small blueberry bushes, to break up the bed a little. I believe they're Northsky, but they're only 1 1/2' tall by 3' wide. Just the right size for the little ones.

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