fiskars weed puller in wildflower meadow

camariaMay 25, 2009

Hi all,

I have a wildflower meadow planted from seed in it's second year. I'm doing a bit of weed control and am wondering if any of you have used a weed pulling tool such as the one fiskars makes to pull dandelions and other weeds from your wildflower meadow. I know it's best not to disturb the soil and bring up more dormant weed seeds, but I'm sorely tempted to yank those dandelions I see growing out there, and the weed puller pulls them out in little plugs? Should I keep pulling, or is it best just to weed whack the dandelions to keep them from going to seed?


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I just let the dandelions grow along with the other wildflowers. The only things I pull out are thorny things, and even they have very pretty flowers, so I let some of them stay too. I really like the variety in a natural meadow. Interestingly, the fire ants don't care for the neighborhood up in that meadow and confine themselves to easier digs, like my vegetable gardens. Cheryl

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