Tribute to a tree

ProudMamaSDJuly 17, 2012

I've been trying to capture this tree for you all to admire with my iphone for the last week or two, lol. I can't ever get it right so I went big and got the camera.

I've got a soft spot for yellow & peach plumeria, and to score this tree not knowing what it was and for it to be so lovely... I had to share with you. Here she is in full splendor. The only negative is I planted her in my front yard. She's a distraction alright and I find my eyes glued to her, meanwhile my 1y/o is trying to capture bees and/or flirting with the street.... mom o' the year, lol.

I hope you enjoy her as much as I do, and I probably need to get one of those Camera's that Jen and Greg have cause as usual, this doesn't capture the beauty.

Did I go overboard on the photos??

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Wow that's one beauty ProudMama!! I love that color as well... similar to my CA Sunset. It looks beautiful among all the other plants. But she sure commands all the attention though... I can see why you're a little distracted! LOL.

Hey at least your one year old is still to young to ask you if you love your Plumerias more than her. :) Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos!

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Daaammmnnn, girl, you didn't tell us you were an ace landscaper! The roses! The lantana! The dietes! The Mexican plum! OMG, they all make a fabulous environment for your gorgeous plumie!

And, wow, does that baby have a lot of buds per inflo. What a great score, Wendy!

(Okay, I'm officially out of exclamation marks. For today. No more great photos, y'all.)

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Wendy, It sure turned out to be a real beauty. I can only imagine the smell. Wonderful! Thanks for posting for us to enjoy. Peg

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This sure is one to be very proud of!
Your doing everything right and you've received nice pay-off!
May I ask if it's planted into the ground or in a pot?
The quality of this Plumeria is like that of North Shore Oahu Hawaii. The branches are so thick and have nice color.
The growing shape is nicely balanced and would make a lovely tree.
I see all the buds are lined up to give you continuous blooming for the summer!
Very nice color combination I'd name it "Lobster Bisque" like drawn butter & lobster! Yummy Yellows!
OK.... a prettier name we could call it would be "Sweet Perfection"!
Mahalo nui loa (Thank you very much) Stuart

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Nice Job Wendy. it is a fantastic landscape specimen planting. Highly encourage you (if you haven't already) to place a low wattage LED Flood light slightly in front and aimed up. Then as it grows it will be stunning at all hours.

I bet Stuart is talking Lobster because Lobster Mini Season is around the corner.

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Thank you, everyone!! This tree makes me smile everyday, and it is positioned perfectly so that when I come downstairs every morning to get some milk for the little guy and make my coffee I see it in the window. As I have shared, I fell in love with this tree the moment I saw it, and my $12 adenium trip to JJ's turned into a pricier venture... but I got a STEAL.... are you ready...?? Wait, should we make it fun, any guesses as to what I paid for that tree?

No Clue, Thank you! you are right, Steven would surely question the love balance if he could put it into words, luckily he's got a very small arsenal of words thus yet. ;o) He does enjoy the hobby, he gets to pump my foliar spray bottle, help me mix soil, and of course splash in the water as I mix fertilizer, lol.

Jen- Much as I'd like to take the credit on the landscaping, I can only admit to purchasing the house very much because of the landscaping. I spend a lot of my time outside tending to it, but I cannot take the credit for the beauty that surrounds me. Wish I could... Thank you for your enthusiasm and for naming all the plants, I am now going to google so I can finally have names for the lovlies in my garden. (yes, that is how green I'm not)

Peg, gosh it does smell so nice! I surely don't deserve such a perfect tree, I am lucky to have noticed it hanging outside one of John's greenhouses. What a gift!

Stuart- Such a compliment, thank you! The tree is perfect, we fell in love instantly. I stuffed it into my 4 door sedan to get it home, lol, had to move the carseat and everything. I wasn't leaving it behind. My husband was out of town, so I got home and unloaded it myself, made dinner and put the kiddo to bed, then opened a bottle of red wine. From there I dug a giant hole, somehow managed to get it out of its 15 gal pot and into the ground it went. I expect that I will have a fantastic full sized plumeria tree someday. One might also assume that I will now live here forever, lol, I can't leave that tree behind!

Love the names you've chosen, there's nothing to dislike about lobster bisque or my tree, lol. Curiosity got the best of me and I sent some photos to John and he suspects it is what they are now calling "Yellow Gina" although it is called "mongolia" in the catalog.

Thank you again everyone for sharing in my enthusiasm, I am smitten for sure!!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Ohhhhhhhhhhh Wendy!

You sure do have a stunning beauty there!! I like the "lobster bisque" name..LOL!

Your area that you have placed youur tree looks fabulous...

Sure does look like it is loving all that you do for her..

Strong work!!!

I wish i could snell it now...

Love it!!


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very good color on it

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Wendy, whatever it is, it looks like a Penang Peach seedling. If you run your finger up the spine at the back of each leaf you might feel a tiny hook at the tip. That's usually a dead giveaway to a PP seedling.

I agree with Stuart about the fantastic form of the tree. I'm gonna guess John let you get away for $65.

Oh, and I think I spot a bronze phorium tucked in by the dietes. Don't sell your green thumb short; it takes some care and good instincts to keep a landscape alive and looking that healthy. You should be proud!


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Absolutely GORGEOUS Wendy!!! Great job on the tree score, the planting and the care - she looks very, very happy there as do all of your other beautiful plants.

And did you say you got a 15 GALLON pot and tree, an adult, a child and a car seat into your 4 door sedan?! It must have looked like a clown car when you got home LOL! That's true determination with a bit of magic mixed in right there!!!

Truly fabulous. Thanks for posting those pics, it's never too many :)

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Wendy - your tree is gorgeous! So many beautiful flowers and the shape is perfection. I could see how easy it would be to go into dream world and forget the little kiddo. Happens to the best of 'em! :)

Everything looks great. Do I see a butia? One of my fav palms.

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Thanks Laura- now I know how you feel about Lani. :o)

Jen- what don't you know??? You win the nonexistant prize, $65!! I ran into a Bird of Paradise Plumeria at the HD in encinitas, 5 gal, paid $40.... so ya, a steal on my beauty tree.

Emily, a bit of magic indeed. John and I managed to shove it in and only seriously damaged one inflo, and partially damaged another. The roots did break, but it needed a pruning as roots were growing out of the pot.


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Congrats on your treasure! Gorgeous! I can see why you were so smitten:)

Take care,


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Tommyc(Mich 5-6)

Great pics... Yes, as much as cellphones brag that they give great pics, well, they aren't as good as a good camera. I took most of mine with a Nikon P-100. Pretty good pics for around $250.

Copy and paste into your browser and click on the sets to the right, then view through a slideshow. No Cell Phone Pics there.

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