Weed or Native Forb?

whallydenMay 11, 2014

Thanks for your help. A number of these in our young meadow project. I'm guessing its a weed based on how well they're doing...

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

It looks like a milkweed of sorts.

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Someone on the weed forum correctly identified it as "Dame's Rocket" or Hesperis matronalis. It has been reported invasive in other states, so I'll need to keep a close eye on it. In the meantime, its putting on a wonderful early Spring show in our meadow.

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Honest-to-goodness beautiful when in bloom (in masses), down-right annoying if not ugly when gone to seed, fully revealing its mustard-like genetics, with long, rather unsightly seedpods. I guess that's a ll a matter of taste. Much of my daily routine involves identifying and setting in motion the control of invasive species, and while this one is somewhere on that list, I don't get too concerned about it. In most cases where I see it growing, it is merely competing with burdock, garlic mustard, and buckthorn saplings! Why get involved in that fight? This plant is beautiful when in bloom, in ditches and roadsides, etc.


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