My California Wildflower meadow

nickrosesnMay 17, 2014

In mid winter I cut out some grass near my front yard hedge and spread some wildflower seeds. I experimented with three mixes to see which one did the best. The three mixes were a California mix, Butterfly mix and a hummingbird mix. Out of the three the California mix is doing the best, so I will collect the seeds and spread it into the other two sections.

This time around I did not spread any grass seed but I will do that next time. When should I spread the grass seed. Do I mix it with the wildflower seeds or wait until the wildflowers have grown a few inches and then spread the grass seed to fill in gaps.

I have three grasses in mind. The three are, Purple Needle Grass, California Fescue and Idaho Fescue. Purple needle grass is my first choice. Out of the three would this be the best choice for a wildflower mix.

These last three pictures are from my wildflower patch in the backyard.

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lovely, lovely, lovely. thank you.

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trilliumgreen(7 PNW)

Yes, I agree, very lovely. Cool that you are planning to add some native grasses. Are you also planning to expand the width of the bed in front of the hedge - I think that would look nice.

I live further north than you so can't speak to your conditions from personal experience, but think late summer/early fall is good time to plant (cool season) grass seed where you are at. If you get your seed locally they can give you advice.

You'll want to keep an eye on what is germinating. Annual flowers will grow more quickly than perennial grasses and can smother them, so I would recommend pulling some of them out to give your grass seedings some breathing room. Or, if the planting area is small you might want to just use plugs / small plants instead of seed.

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Thank you. I will be expanding it a little more maybe 1' in some areas and maybe 3' in other areas. There is a native plant nursery in Half Moon Bay that has grasses so I can ask them further for advice.

This is in my backyard. It was for any local Mason Bees but none have come by so this leaf cutter me is calling it home.

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Here some updated pictures of the wildflowers I have in the backyard. All the seeds were spread beginning of this year. In the pictures you'll see Zinnia, Salvia, Bee Balm, Cleome, Hyssop and CA Poppies. All the wildlife love this area, especially the birds since I have a small water dish on the ground.

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