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weegz4caMay 22, 2004

got a western wildflower mix from applewood farms last spring.mid summer i had a beautiful bed of many annuals,and some perrenials.from what i gather after the first year you might get new perrenials that did not show themselves in the first year of question is-when things first started to appear there was something that looked alot like a thinking oh poop,im going to have a lot of weeding to do.however its now close to the summer solstice and these dandilion looking plants have grown in some cases a foot tall and their leaves,instead of being broad-leafspikey,are about 6 inches long and 2 inches wide and have none of the shape one would ordinarily attribute to a thinking this is one of the second year perrenials--or the weed from hell.

any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated,


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Vera_EWASH(z5 EasternWA)

I have something like you are describing growing in my area I sowed last fall....I have dandelions in the lawn that shoot up their dandilions long before the leaves get that long! Sooo I'm going let it go and see what happens :)
Are the inner-most center leaves fringy'er looking?


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ahughes798(z5 IL)

Are the leaves fuzzy? If they are, sounds maybe like hawkweed or King Devil, neither of which you want!

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thank you for your responses-no vera, the innermost leaves are not fringery looking.and no ahughes-either are the leaves fuzzy(i think i might have what you term hawkweed or king devil in there-gotta love those names despite their possible negatives).i have recently discovered lateral shoots emerging from them,i am almost positive they are a perenial showing its face in the second year.i might be looks like withen the next few weeks they may blossem in which case i will be mucho happy as there are soooo many of them.if and when this occures i should be able to easily identify them-with the help of the seed dealer from which they came-and post my happy discovery that my unfounded worries were the result of a relative newbie doing a little unwarranted stressing.LOL.
once again thanks for your responses,

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it was an evening my opinion not the most desirable flower in the world--but heck--its green.

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Havenheart(WV 7a)

Look on the Hort database at tragapodon pratensis, or goat's beard or meadow salsify. Is this your plant? It grew wild in Wisconsin where I once lived. It has an edible root, and there is a cultivated vegetable form called salsify or oyster plant.

Here is a link that might be useful: meadow salsify; goat's beard

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thanks for your response-yea this is definitly primrose-however its interesting you bring up salsify.native to my neck of the extremely drought tolerent-hardy flower that probably doesnt get its fair share of attention.
thanks again for your response--weeg

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