establishing a prairie garden - QUACKgrass

mill1154May 4, 2014

I've started converting my lawn to a prairie with the intention of doing a little section at a time, using potted plants and plugs. The first section is a roughly 60x15 ft area which was planted 2 years ago.

The lawn that I'm replacing is weedy, with quackgrass and I'm now dealing with QG invading my prairie planting. I hand pulled last year and also placed a ~1ft buffer between the lawn and the prairie plantings, with landscaping fabric and mulch. This obviously didn't do anything to stop the QG.

My question: is there an effective barrier that I can use between the lawn and the prairie plants to prevent the QG from invading? Preferably something I can move as I make the prairie garden larger each year. Or, do I need to rethink doing a section each year, in favor of killing the entire lawn and seeding?

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You'll want to vanquish that quackgrass. No other way around it, that plant is going to give you fits. Glyphosate works well, although you may be chemically adverse, or the quack might be mixed in with other desirable plants. I don't know. But short of chemical warfare, it's not an easy thing to do. And generally, prairie plantings establishment is best done following a complete kill-off of preexisting vegetation, assuming there was nothing there worth saving.


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