Spring vs. dormant prairie seeding?

chris_7oaks(5)May 15, 2013

Wondering if anyone has had success with prairie seed plantings this time of year? Looking at short mixes from Prairie Moon (MN) & Prairie Nursery (WI) to seed a septic mound & adjacent area 3,000 sq ft. I hit the area with roundup last fall, and twice this spring. The area looks to be in pretty good shape. I keep hearing that I should keep after the weeds all year, maybe plant a temporary cover crop, and dormant seed late fall. Not thrilled about looking at a dead zone all summer if I wait for fall. Just wondered if anyone has experience planting spring vs. fall. Thank you!

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

We seeded several acres to prairie last spring,
June if I remember correctly as it was to wet earlier. Right after it was seeded we went into drought mode so no germination last year except for a few black-eyed Susan. I went to check it out a few days ago and the grasses are coming up as well as a variety of forbs. I guess you could say it ended up being dormant seeded.

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Chris, if you can tolerate a summer's worth of ugly, it is better to do the dormant seeding. Nature-frost actually-has a way of setting seeds at just the right depth. Also, and this is important, doing a fall seeding will indeed give you the opportunity to do one or two more non-selective herbicide treatments. If you're getting rain, then you're getting lots of new weeds. It is most helpful to get at them this year, and have your desired vegetation begin life next spring.


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Thank you hostaholic2 and wisconsitom for sharing your experience. I've decided keep after the weeds, and do a dormant planting late this fall. Hopefully my patience will pay off! Thanks again...

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