wild flower meadow and grass

troykd(7b SE VA)June 2, 2008

Ok, We are on the second year of a meadow. It's really a lot nicer this year than last.

I came across a recommendation on a website that all grass be removed to allow the flowers to flourish. Is that right? If so, do you spray? I don't want to spray as I have rabbits in it and the deer bed down there at night (found a fawn yesterday in the grass).

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You'd want to leave warm-season bunchgrasses but try to keep down cool-season turfgrasses. The usual method is burning or mowing in late fall or mid-spring. Don't burn or mow in summer, as that's when prairie grasses and forbs do their growing.

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ladyslppr(z6 PA)

You definitely wouldn't want to spray right now, since you'd kill all of the emerging flowers. Perhaps the recommendation you saw was to eliminate non-native, cool season grasses, which can be a pain in a meadow, since the grow earlier than most wildflowers and compete with flowers for space and resources like water and nutrients. Native, warm season grasses are usually considered a desirable part of a meadow. Regardless which one you have, now is not the time of the year to try to remove grasses.

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joepyeweed(5b IL)

Without grass, its not a meadow? That recommendation doesn't make sense to me.

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