Identify this daisy

ohiogal(z5-6 OH)June 21, 2004

I wish I knew how to post a photo, but I will have to describe this "daisy". The flower is a flat yellow 3-4" daisy with a smooth purple-brown center, There are 13 petals which open surrounded by green fuzzy bracts, each petal has a cleft at the end, and are blooming now here in Ohio. One popped up in my garden. The plant is 3' tall and has thick very fuzzy stems and fuzzy medium green leaves which are about 3-4" wide and ovate and point down. No basal rosette, just stem leaves widely spaced, thicker at the top where the flower is. Any clues? I have searched and searched.

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froggy(z4/5 WI)

maybe downy sunflower?

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Off the top of my head, is it a Rudbeckia hirta? The annual/short-lived perennial varieties have VERY fuzzy stems & leaves. I have some in my garden (the 'Autumn Colors' kind).

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ohiogal(z5-6 OH)

Thanks for the input you guys. It most likely is Rudbekia hirta, something I have never grown or seen, but the flowers look like Rudbekia. What the sites fail to tell me is how fuzzy the plant is, as this to me is its main identifying feature.

Amy, I bet that's what it is.

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It's the fuzziest plant I've ever had! I love the flowers! :o)

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