stem rot in rooted cutting. please help

coryfJuly 31, 2014


I am not new to growing plumeria from cutting, but i i have had a very hard time with cuttings that i had sent from Thailand. The first one got root rot because it was left on my friends patio in miracle grow while she was away and it heavily rained so the soil stayed wet for four days. These were supposed to be rooted plants(although they were dried roots) and the instructions said they could be planted right away. Anyways, that first one was reduced to just a very small tip that is not rooting at all. My friend contacted the seller and they sent a replacement free of charge (seems they are used to this issue). As soon as i saw it i knew it was going to be a problem because it had black tip fungus and i could see evidence of stem rot, although the stem felt firm from top to bottom. Since the plant was rooted i tried to plant it in soil regardless of the black tip and all seemed to be well for about a week. Today i checked on the plant and it was rotten half way up the cutting. I checked the base of the base of the plant and it is still very firm, but from where i saw the rot all the way to the tip was bad and the black tip was going further down the plant. So i cut DOWN the branch from the rotten area until i got to good wood, everything above that good part leaked kind of yellow liquid, even parts that looked like it could have been saved based on wood color. Does anyone know if a semi rooted cutting that has had half of it's top end cut off will survive, and can i put rubber cement on the cut end or should i let it be? I included a pic of what it looks like now if that helps. I really hope all is not lost because this is supposed to be a rare type with the most exotic looking color

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Not sure about the rubber cement but remember that these plants are very hardy. They can take a hard hit and bounce back against the odds. Best info I can give you is just to wait and leave it alone. Good luck :)


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Should i have left it alone to begin with? I tried to, but i was watching it get more and more rotten by the minute and became convinced it was rot because of the clear yellowish liquid that came out when i poked the soft part with a needle. I have grown many non rooted cuttings and never experienced any rot or growth issues before. I will definitely leave it now, thank you for your input.

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