Looks like Ghost Pepper

roper2008 (7b)June 19, 2010

Something very strange. I know in December I germinated 6 ghost

pepper seeds, only 6. The rest of the seeds I gave away. All my

other peppers I started in March. I have some of my peppers in

earthboxes. A couple days ago I was staking some of the peppers

in one earthbox, and I noticed these peppers that look almost exactly

like the Ghost Peppers. The only difference I can see is at the stem

end. It looks a little ribbed. Are there any other super hots that look

very similar to Bhut's? Also, this plant grew super fast in this earthbox

I did a lot of trades, maybe there was a mix up, but I do know one

thing for sure, this plant was started in March.

This is the mystery pepper in earthbox

Here is one of my 6 Bhut's.

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From these pictures, those peppers will be grown and ripe in a few more weeks. So you will know for sure then if it is a perfect match to what type you planted. In my opinion those wrinkled green peppers definitely either Bhuts or Nagas of one variety or another. If you only planted Bhuts, then you must have spilled some, and heres your reward! It is definitely a 'super hot' pepper. It isnt a Bell pepper:)!

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hendrik_vanderdekin(Northern Cal)

Sure fire test, when red harvest one, take a small bite.

If it bites back and has you running around the kitchen tearing the door off the firdge for the milk then it's a super hot.

Save seeds.

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Gotta be bhut. Looks like a bhut,smells like a bhut,must be a bhut.Keep up the good work looks extra healthy.

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that is a ghost my friend.....enjoy

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Beautiful peppers! Please post more photos when ripe!

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