Hardy palms in zone 7

JohnnieB(Washington, DC 7a/b)December 8, 2006

So who else is growing hardy palms in zone 7 and how long have they been in the ground? And let's see some photos!

My own palms are still small, little more than seedlings, but have done better than I ever expected in my zone 7a/b climate; in fact they have done so well that they are crowding each other out, and I will have to move a couple of them next year. I grew Trachycarpus wagnerianus from seeds planted in January 2001, and planted them in the ground in spring 2002 as very small seedlings. Growth has not been phenomenally fast, but respectable. One seedling has received minimal protection (an overturned flowerpot) on the coldest nights, but the rest have not been protected, except with mulch, since their first winter. On the other hand T. fortunei "Taylor form" came as a seedling from Plant Delights Nursery in spring 2004, and has done extremely well (but note that T. fortunei is a larger growing palm overall). My T. fortunei has not received any protection except with a heavy leaf mulch; its spear pulled both winters but it recovered rapidly each time. I have not had a spear pull on the waggies (except for one small seedling that I did not protect at all in its first winter and subsequently died).

Here's a photo of my palms from a few weeks ago; the last time I measured, the waggie on the lower left was a little over 30" in diameter:

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shudavies(Zone 6a, CO)

You definitely have reason to brag a little there; those are beautiful, especially since you don't 'coverup' in the winter. I've gotta get one of those Wagners, I think. Maybe I'll have something worth a photo or two by next fall...

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