The rise of the sun

cmventuraDecember 21, 2011

Hello my fellow plant enthusiasts! Just a quick message to wish you all a good, mild (hopefully) and pleasant winter and a VERY happy rising-sun-angle, again! each day that goes by we're closer to spring and summer.



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Right on-the sun is in the stopped faze of it's pendulum
like swing which is back to the north in 2 short(-:days!

We just completed a long stretch were the sun set at 4:40pm
-and although it is only at 4:42pm(today 12/21) now that is still +2 minutes!(-: Yay!
Be about 2.5 weeks(1/9) before the sun rises earlier,thats when you start to add time fast.

The last 3 winters would have us in our third week of winter weather already
but so far it has been nice,40s today and many more in the forecast
which is very decent for Iowa this time of year-even if it is "southern Iowa" (-;

Click for weather forecast

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TT, zone 5b MA

Hallelujah! Brighter days on the horizon...

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Spring will be here soon! The weather has been really nice here this Fall and it looks like the trend will continue through early winter. We had a few cold nights in the past week which brought us the first killing freeze of the year for all the tender tropicals, but people do still have potted plants outside that are managing to do well.
No snow in the forecast and every night is 30F or better. Tomorrow will be sunny and in the upper 50s. Should be a nice day!
Hoping for some spring weather soon (even though we have had very little real winter weather yet!)

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It's 12:30 am on December 22 and it's still 62 here at the Delaware Beaches. I saw mosquitoes out on my back pitch tonight. My spring camellias are blooming too early and my crocuses are all popping up. The tropical palms that were planted as summer annuals around the resorts are all still alive and green.

This is nuts.

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In many years if this has continued into mid January it spells
trouble for springtime,possibly meaning cold weather then.

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too bad it doesn't mean it will start getting warmer also. Having said that we've only had one night drop below 20 this December and it's only fallen into the low 40s the last couple of nights. The next week we are supposed to see a lot of sun and temps in the mid 30s-40. I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop but this has been one of the mildest falls I can ever remember.

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