Long branches threatening to snap

garden_tinkJuly 7, 2012

I have a 6,5 ft. tall Plumeria with five 3 to 4 ft. long branches, 4 of the 5 are flowering. The branches are threatening to snap and are now leaning over, they are so long and I have had to tie/stake them up. I was going to wait until next spring to prune them off and pot, but since it's still early in the summer season, would they do well now? Would I have to trim off blooms and leaves? Not sure of the variety, very large white 3 to 4" wide blooms with yellow eyes, upto 17" long leaves. the main stalk is about 34 inches long before branching out, probably the reason it is so unsteady with the tall growth. This has happened before with smaller heads on it, all of this new growth is only 18 months old, no idea why it grows this way. It is just starting to form new branches at the ends of there long shafts, surpassing the flower spikes. It's very green and healthy looking, blooming wildly and stalks are thick and sturdy, not leggy, just incredibly long. I am in LA County, CA near the Orange County line. Suggestions appreciated.

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there are some varieties that have long branches and grow into large trees.

a few pics would help us more accurately access your tree. but you could use the green gardeners tape to tie the branches together.

you can prune and root during the summer. it would be best to trim off the inflo and leaves.

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All of the branches used to be upright, now it looks like an octopus. You can't see them, but they are branching at the very tops, surpassing the flower spikes by about 5 inches already. It started blooming in May, the branches have grown at least 5 to 9 inches since then. The lower stalk is hidden behind a plant, it measures 35" from the ground to the branching apex.

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