My leaves are wonky!! HELP!

No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)July 9, 2012

So after seeing a few posts on leaves problems... I decided to take a closer at my plants and lo and behold I got a BIG problem! I guess I was so focused on the flowers and the snails issue I failed to notice the other issues. But clearly something is going on.

Now since it has gotten hotter I have been misting the leaves so I'm wondering if that's a no-no?

Please analyze this and let me know what you think.

A scratch on my J105 leaf. There are two other leaves w/ similar markings.

There are quite a few leaves with this type of holes in them. I have noticed spiders and ants on my plants. Could they be the culprits?

Here is another plant w/ similar holes.

Then some have these strange scars... I don't know what to make of that!

Some have really weird shape!!

More weird shape and scaring.

Now I'm very concerned!

This looks like rust maybe?? But only this one from Armstrong that has it.

Here is the back of the leaf... does it still look like rust?

Last but not least... my Makaha Sunn's leaves are all curling out weird. I have not seen leaves curling like that before.

So how worried should I be right now? Thank you!

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Plants that have been in greenhouses have a bit of a time adjusting to the dry, hot climate outside. Often they need to have filtered sun at first until they adjust. Also, a water drop is like a small magnifying glass and on a very hot day the sun will burn the leaf. I always mist early or in the late afternoon to avoid this problem. Makaha Sunn is a very difficult plant to grow in the mainland and often suffers from the cooler, drier climate, especially the nights. It is often better to just let a plant be because messing with them causes more stress and problems. Over fertilizing, over watering, using insect sprays on hot days can all cause this kind of stress. Go buy a cheap water meter and do not water until almost at dry. This will improve the plant health. To me the dark green leaves say greenhouse and much of this appears to be sun related stress. The hot sun from 11 to 3 can be hard until plants get adjusted. Bill

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Ok so no need to freak out yet right? I won't mist until later in the day.

I do have a moisture meter and it always said wet or medium wet! So I'm wondering if the meter is wrong or the soil truly is still wet? I don't know... so I have been using the chopstick to test and I have to admit I still can't tell when I need to water or not. I guess I should leave them alone and stop fussing w/ them huh? Thank you Bill.

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Would it be better to remove these leaves or just leave them on the plant?. It looks like you only have a few leaves per plant. What would be correct? I would think if you removed the disformed leaves, the plant would have more energy to produce new leaves. Barbra

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

That's a good point Barbra. Yes only a few leaves are affected. Maybe I will pull them. Thanks!

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there's really nothing wrong with the leaves. they are able to photosynthesize sunlight just as well as more asthetically looking leaves. its mainly a cosmetic issue. removing those leaves just means less energy your plumies are able to produce.

its a similar issue with citrus when we get leaf miners, the leaves look terrible but professionals say to not pick off the affected leaves b/c they are still able to produce energy for the tree.

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Ok so it's nothing serious... then I will just leave them alone. Honestly I was so in awe of the flowers I really didn't noticed the leaves until today. I just thought it was something dreadful... but if you all think it's only cosmetics then I'm cool with that. Thank you!

Now I can focus on chasing Wildfire and a few other plants. :)

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