How many seeds per sq. ft. to sow, & ratio of flowers to grasses?

njbiologyJune 16, 2008


Instead of getting a wildflower mix, I'm going to purchase 40 varieties of short native wildflower and 4 varieties of short native grasses. The company is exceptionally reputable and I think that the seeds should have a good rate of germination; the grasses are mostly pure live seed.

I'm only going to do a 30' x 20' area.

1. How many seeds (wildflowers and grasses, collectively) do you recommend per square foot? 80?

2. What percent ratio of wildflower seeds to native grass seeds would you recommend? 40% grasses to 60% flowers?

3. Could I play FACW+ (i.e. Wet Mesic) perennials like Ironweed and New England Aster in a bog if there is no standing water, just soggy?



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froggy(z4/5 WI)

1) 50 at least. And its no fair in counting Lobelia or Culver's root or any other very fine seed as each individual. The more, the better typically. And base this number on PLS, not total weight.

2) This is up to you, the land manager. If you want huge flower bloom and biodiversity, 75% forb/ 25%. If you are interested in the other, 50/50. I think the 60/40 you suggested in a good #.

3) Sure.


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joepyeweed(5b IL)

Iron weed and NE aster will grow in just about any clay soil, they don't need standing water.

Seeding rates, by weight, depend upon the size and weight of the individual plant seeds. As froggy mentioned, 1/4 ounce of culvers root is going to be thousands of plants. Compared to a 1/4 ounce of solomens seal, which may only be fifty or a hundred plants.

The ratio of grasses to flowers depend upon your goal. I'd probably heavy up on the flowers for a small area. Its nice to have a lot of flowers in a large area, but at some point it becomes cost prohibitive.

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