Chop it off or?

beachplant(9b)July 18, 2012

I picked up this girl yesterday, the dog had broken off a branch, the cuttings are stuck in the pot.

I`m thinking of severly cutting it back to give it better shape. Should I just cut off the branch the dog broke, let it recouperate then whack off the other branch or just whack them both off now?

Tally HO!

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Can't help with the question but will say that I cringe at the word "whack". LOL

Good thing people love their dogs so much, huh? We put up with a lot from them. :)

Actually, I probably would do some "whacking" to shape it up.

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not my dog, the dog belonged to the guy I bought it from, but I got it for $10 & it`s Charlotte Ebert.

My dogs did knock off a big chunk of one of the plummies in the back yard, it is thrown to the side waiting to dry out.

I am ruthless when whacking at plants, I do love my machete.
Tally HO!

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Charlotte Ebert for $10?????


I've been dying for a CE but had to wait for one to be grafted then there was a communication error... grrr. Anyway, I'll get one eventually. :)

Be careful of that machete. Hope no one makes you mad when you have it in your hand. LOL

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i'd cut back both branches.

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I would cut the left branch to about 12" from the joint. I would then down-graft the right branch to be about 12" from the joint. If the graft fails, I would root the scion as a cutting and straighten out the rootstock part. Do you know how to graft?

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