A few weeds in wildflower garden

Shamele(6)June 2, 2005

I started a wildflower garden two years ago and so far, I'm really happy with the results. I've taken a lot of advice from this forum which has helped along the way, but I have two separate weed problems and I need some advice.

1. Lambsquarter: I had some of this blow into a small patch in my wildflower bed from the opposite side of the fence recently. I'm pulling as much as possible, but it's pretty dense. I'm worried because I know if this goes to seed, I'll be in some serious trouble. Should I just keep pulling, pull and lay down cardboard and reseed that area, or what? I think I have the cause of the problem fixed because I removed all signs of lambsquarter from the other side of the fence and heavily mulched it. Just not sure what I should do inside the wildflower bed. The lambsquarter is all the way at the back so getting to it is tough.

2. Dandelions: Since I prepared my bed really well in the beginning, I don't have much of this, but I do get a few each year. I pull the ones I can reach. What should I do with the ones I can't reach? Just leave them or what?

Just wondering what others do to maintain their wildflower patches.


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Vera_EWASH(z5 EasternWA)

I feel for you! I don't have quite the problem so hope someone can offer you some good advise! I am however making a daily pass through my small 14x60 bed and handpicking itty bitty Lambsquarter seedlings, pineapple weed and salsify and sometimes a few dandelions...I know mine came from my neighbor, who with-out-fail always waits to move or pull on her weeds after they've gone to seed!!


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