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awoodwaring(9)May 10, 2006

Hello all,

I recently started on the pool forum and after our excavation, I am now here. See, they took out my coveted veggie garden to make room for the pool and I knew I had to figure something out to make room for my veggies. Well, we are on a small suburban lot in Sacremento, CA and my only choice was to utilize our front yard. Hubby was very against this (they actually ticket people for doing that here). Then....I found your forum and I knew this was the perfect fit. Somehow I need to take this

and make it look beautiful while being practical.

My husband came up with this idea...

We would put the veggies behind the rose fence (basically the area where the walkway makes a right angle to the house porch).

The area block off by the walkway has the startings of a small pond (thus the idea of the dry stream bed with a bridge). The pond is for our local frogs. Here's that area...

...and next to the house (I just transplanted my poor maple out of our terrible clay soil)...

Any other ideas???



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my post disappeared?

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...that was was totally gone!

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gurley157fs(zone 7/8sc)

Did I understand you right? You can get a ticket from the police for having veggies in your front yard?

Or is this a homeowners association rule?

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City rule :(

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Beautiful design!
As lush as the design looks, you could mix the veggies in
between the flowers up by the house, and no one would ever know!
What a strange rule. But someone probably turned their whole front yard into dirt with rows of veggies, and ruined it for everyone else!
Good Luck, it looks like tons of work!


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todancewithwolves(Z9 CA)

For a moment I thought that was my maple tree :-)


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Any chance there are update pics, so we can see what you ended up doing?

This forum doesn't seem to get much traffic.......sorry you didn't get much help here.

Would love to see your end result!


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Thanks for asking. Sadly, my yard still looks the same...just more weeds. :( On a brighter note, we are having the footing for a courtyard wall poured this weekend. Soooo, after all this time, it looks like we'll start moving forward this weekend. I will definitely post new pics.

Unfortunately, I am afraid my maple will still look its same, sad self. haha


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Glad to hear back from you!
I thought we had lost you here!

Can't wait to see your pictures.


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ninjabut(USDA z 8,CA)

My nephew and his wife moved into a "neighborhood" in Sacto, and did a little bit of renovation to their front yard.
They looked at all their neighbors' yards to make sure they used plants that would survive in the "rice field" neighborhood, did all the front yard stuff in one day, and got a big old warning from the HOS!
Finally got all the papers filed, and got a note about their "color scheme"
Niece in law (Asst DA in Sacto) sent them a napkin with scribbles and a note " same colors as the neighbors"
Hmmmmm, they haven't heard anything since!
Neighbors are all saying "right ONNNNNNN"

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