What I have been up to lately... Fighting spider mites and rain.

us_marineDecember 19, 2010

Spider Mites:

I noticed the tips on my original coconut palm are turning colors and turning brown. I looked under the fronds and behold pesty spider mites!! I tried misting but that doesnt seem to do much. Any ideas with out damaging my coco?

I am thinking about using some dish soap and water mix. I would have thought they would attack during our dry summer.


As I thought; the wind came from the south heading north, bringing the rain to my outside coco. So I put up a quick plastic barrier over her. It will rain hard for the next few days. All I can do is hope and pray :P

These challenges make growing coconut palms rather interesting. Every challenge makes them stronger and me wiser. Wow, almost 3 years of growing my original coco. I have learned alot from you all, thanks!!


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Man its raining hard!

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Good luck! Im sure it will be fine though. I hear that it will be raining until wednesday in most of California!

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