Room for one more?

plumatherapy(so cal 10a)July 16, 2011

OK DH thinks I have too many and certainly do not need any

more plumies. I say there is always room for more.

What do you think?

Actually I just needed an excuse to practice posting pics

here. I'm still pretty clumbsy and slow with this photo sharing stuff.


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OK, I'm jealous!

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Good heavens, what a gorgeous home and patio. I see LOTS OF ROOM! But your plants are still small. Wait till each gets eight feet tall!

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Andrew Scott

Dave is right...I am sso jealous. I also agree that they are still small but even at that, you live in SOCAl Zone 10! Why not have more? Until it gets to the point where you cannot walk around to enjoy them anymore, I say BUY MORE!!

Now I have a problem! At last count I am at 55 and thanks to Sunseeker, I just planted about 8 seeds. I also have a 'Scentsational' cutting on it's way, and I am buying 3 or 4 more. That will put me around 60, and I live in Zone 6 NY state! They are going to have to be crammed in my basement, and spare bedrooms!


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