Newbie going to Jungle Jack's for the first time tomorrow.

tomatotomataJuly 27, 2012

I'm off to buy my first, well,second plumeria. (I drowned the first one, but I'm older now, and know better).

Any suggestions/advice?

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Was just there two days ago. 1 gal plants are gone with the exception of premium white, red, yellow, etc. You'll have to look at 2-3 gal or 5 gal for named JJ varieties. Bring lots of $$$$$.

John says it has been a very busy year.

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Take a wallet with lots of cash and a truck...LOL. Have fun!


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isobea(10, San Diego)

Ask John for advice. Tell him where you live, what you are looking for (color, size, fragrance,...). He is a really nice guy and always willing to help. Have fun and Happy Hunting!

PS: Let us know what you come home with.

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Sorry to butt in, but uglyhair, was their any 1 gallon divines left? I am expecting one soon from John that I ordered the 16th. I was told he thought he had some left so I was just wondering wither to get my hopes up or not.

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OP here; I'm back from Jungle Jack's. As suggested, I told John where I live so he could recommend an appropriate variety. I came home with a 5 gallon "California Sunset", and I'm very pleased. I'm sure I'll be doing a lot of lurking on this site to learn all I can.

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isobea(10, San Diego)

tomatotomata, I'm sure you'll love your CA Sunset. I got mine from John last year and it's a very healthy plant. As new flowers develop in our cooler climate (compared to John's greenhouses), you will see very little orange/red. Then you will see an amazing change when the Santa Anas hit in the fall (the heat relly brings out those colors).
Good luck and let us know what you'll buy next - nobody has just one of JJs plants.

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Kim319, I did see some sleeved up Divine cuttings (2012 crop) so I think you'll be fine. I bought one for my father in law. Also found some sleeved up varieties and I bought a few..... John said "where did you get these.". There is so much stuff that he does not always know what he has.


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