Workes of the world unite (mondragon in Spain)

youngquinn_gwMay 24, 2013

this article discusses some interesting concepts , put inplace by Mondragon in Spain regarding workers owning part of the company they work for and electing senior management. Senior management can only earn the average company wage times 5 also.

Here is a link that might be useful: fair and it works

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marshallz10(z9-10 CA)

Did they build the new submarine that is too heavy to float. Dives well, however. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Submarine S-81 can't float

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Yes, always good to note the "deviations". Somehow going down never seems to be a problem - it's the coming back up.

"While the Spanish state is waiting for the four S-80 class submarines to be modified and completed (and simultaneously I might add), it will only have two submarines in service - and may have to spend â¬30 million ($38.8 million) to repair the aging S-74 Tramontana."

Isn't it just always something? Spain's defense budget got crunched 30% by their austerity measures. Bad timing; bad other stuff too, to be precise.

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I watched a film about Mondragon online not long ago per the suggestion of a clerk at the co-op. We really value co-ops in this area. Mondragon is very well known amongst the co-op members. Some co-op staff have taken trips to Spain to learn about their operations, and so on. It is the model the entire world should be moving toward.

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I'm also acquainted with mondragon. We have many smaller worker co-ops here in the Bay area. Printers, software designers, bread and pizza shops, the local bike shop, and I live in a housing co-op!

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Spain has itself to blame ...they got on to the green kick 20 years ago and it has failed miserably. Like France today when an ultra socialist government is elected, capital and jobs flee to safe havens, its just that simple.

have a bonus day, its fun chatting

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Spani has itelf to blame? did you mistake this thread for a general discussion on the economic affairs of Spain c6 etc?

"âÂÂOur commitment is not to capital but to the sustainable creation of jobs." said the present head of Mondragon recently.
Althea Alexr I agree a bout co ops esp economic ones where the workers (who get to own the business) are far better off. Much better to share all the spoils than to remit huge amouns of the spoils to management.

My DH and I are members of a co op that owns 400 acress of land.
It is a different sort of co op as it focuses on recreation (we have 7 dams some stocked with trout and 40 acres of fruit trees etc )
been going for a number of years now and everyone gets on well and shares the pleasures of the country.

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marshallz10(z9-10 CA)

Ah, YQ, that sound like an idyllic arrangement, one that would be tough to create here in the States because of limitations on dam building and such.

I've long been a supporter of coop businesses, believing as Althea (etc.) does that the benefits are better serving those who contribute labor to the business, not only capitalists investing funds into the enterprise.

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It's a more fair and balanced way, in my opinion... we can see how well food co-ops work, and we see how much better and more fair it is when everyone has a stake in the enterprise.

From the smallest barter or co-op exchange to the largest employee owned business, in my opinion it's simply better for everyone involved.

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Marshall here is a pic of one of our dams for you to drool over LOL!

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Youngquinn, does your co-op have a website? It looks interesting. Around here, we could get beavers to help with dam building.

Credit unions are another example of a co-operative business organization. Lots of people moved their accounts to credit unions because of the banking scandals of the past several years.

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no althea it is private,
each shareholder is required to do a few weekends of "work" to mantain the property and decisions about what to do with the land are voted on. we have put in some experiemtnal olive trees, grow veggies , and wine grapes tend the fruit trees go fishing etc etc and hold social occaisions like christmas in july(which is a favourite australian passtime) or just sit and chat and admire the view
you should be there at the dam when the kangaroos come down to drink early in the morning.!
this co op is strictly for recreation

credit unions are very popular in Australia also.

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