Long Island Pindo By Kokomo JB

Kokomo-JBDecember 13, 2013

Pindo has been strong and very hardy. This one is a 9 footer

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Taking like a Champ

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Nice palm. Do you plan on protecting any of your palms?

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Great Question...
I met 2 guys that sell and install Windmills up here as a summer side business. They claim that in the 4 years they have been doing it, none have died and most were never protected. I'm thinking that I will protect the Pindos and let the Windmills, Needles and Dwarf Palmettos tough it out. My Needles and Dwarfs are large and container grown so they were planted with full roots systems intact. The Windmills are huge and even though they came B & B, their age and size gives them high marks on the hardiness factor.

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Looking great! I gave up on pindos after one of mine died from seeing 14F last winter. They are such beautiful palms and definitely have good cold tolerance since the year before one of my pindos survived the entire winter with no protection!
Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks Alex. I'm hoping the size and maturity of mine give it the maximum hardiness to stand up to our winter.

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