Lucy in the sky... with diamonds....

mjhuntingtonbeachJuly 4, 2012

I turned on the sprinklers this morning and then went for a walk around the garden. A Thornton's Lemon Drop cutting that I have growing apparently had a relationship with a passing spider (yes, we all have had those moments...sigh) and this was the result... and oh, the cutting's older brothers (sisters?) are attached also.

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Your TLD looks wonderful! I too had a similar eight legged friend on my Thai Temptation but....I only discovered it once I had my nose buried deep in the bloom...LOL lesson learned.

JJ's open house is coming up :). I'm avoiding it like the plague this year, already managed to get myself in enough plumeria trouble this season!

Take care,


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Love your ETLD's! I saw the old post about your broken TLD and didn't realize it was an oldie. It nearly made me heartsick! LOL

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I love the water droplets as it really does look like diamonds. Great shot. Peg

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

What a great bloomer your ETLD is for you! Great pics!

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