DEER and other animals eating your garden ?

pyegirlMay 7, 2012

My hairstylist says people come to the salon to get bags of human hair to spread around their bushes and gardens to keep the animals away. You need to do this a few times during the growing season. The hair should be free !!!

Why not give it a try!

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my biggest problem is squirrels. I have tried repelent without success and my little Pug has no interest in chasing animals around the yard. The problem solved itself this year however as a pair of maiting Falcons are nesting above my garden and the squirrels now avoid the garden. :)

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nancyjane_gardener(Zone 8ish North of San Francisco in the "real" wine country)

YUP! Go buy a pair of falcons/hawks/eagles/owls and you're set! =) Nancy

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Fencing our driveway garden off from the deer isn't feasible, but we've tried a bundle of tricks including loose twiggy branches on the ground, walking the dog around the perimeter, metal baskets over strawberries, blocked pathways, fragrant herbs/plants, interplanting garlic & onions with the strawberries, and most recently dried bloodmeal in simple pantyhose pouches tied on the trellis, large fruit tree branches, bird bath post, etc.

I wasn't sure I wanted to use the bloodmeal despite purchasing it for that use, but after the deer snuck in one night & nibbled on the strawberries & raspberry plants I quickly put out 2#s all around. So far no returning snackers. The bloodmeal doesn't smell even now that it's wet, so I'm okay with it.

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I live in the country in WV. I live on 2 acres with woods surrounding 2 sides. We have a lot of deer. One year, a deer chased my approx 50 lb dog across our back deck. Another time we watched a mother deer nurse her twins from our living room window about 20 feet away. They eat our shrubs, hostas,new trees,etc. We hadnt seen our tulips bloom for yrs. tried many tricks. Dial soap, hair, mix of cayenne pepper etc to spray on plants and more. Nothing helped.
Then about 2 yrs ago, I read about Milorganite. I decided to give it a try. I left my front yard as the trial untreated area. I hung knee hi sacks of about 1.5 cups of the stuff in trees and shrubs around the perimeter of my back yard where most of my plants are, and where I wanted a veggie garden. When I tried planting veggies before, all I accomplished was feeding the deer. Anyway, for two blessed yrs I had tulips, hostas and veggies. Nothing was bothered in my backyard. I did see them walking the perimeter tho, and things were still eaten in the front yard, including my new willow rubbed in half. My veggie garden goes untouched. There is no odor from it. Just dont get the bag wet, or you wont want to use it. I found that out when I needed to reapply beginning of the 3rd yr, and wen to scoop some out. Once the bag is wet, the smell is worse than any outhouse you have ever smelled when you disturb it. There is no noticeable smell until you dig in then, but if kept dry, its fine. I couldnt believe that it lasted full yrs. If you have deer problem, give this a try. The sacks in hosery are not even noticeable.

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Meant to say "last 2 full years"

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I have a huge rabbit problem. They eat everything- including my roses to the ground! They completely destroyed my lettuce, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower bed this year!! GRR! I cannot find how they are getting into the garden, it's fenced in (wood pickets) then there is a chicken wire fence inside our wooden fence to keep our dogs out. Anyone have ideas to keep them away? I have several traps set and I haven't been successful :( Even my 2 100 lbs. dogs don't scare them off!

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trees4ok ---what are you using for bait in your traps? I had a similar problem with a rabbit population explosion after a mild winter last year. I used a live trap & caught 7 last Spring. Stayed pretty quiet until late this Fall when I trapped 2 more & I haven't seen any fresh tracks in the snow. The bait that I use is apples, cut into quarters & some cheap frozen apple juice concentrate---thaw it in the refrig & then drizzle about 1/4 cup of the concentrated juice on the ground under the trap.

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I had a horrible issue with groundhogs, rabbits, chipmunks and deer. It was a lot of work but I now have a 6' wire fence and along the bottom is chicken wire that goes about 18" above ground and about 8" below ground bent in a "L" shape that comes out about 1'.

I had a few hiccups with prob. a groundhog pulling back the chicken wire and squeezing in. So I had to come back and weave a long wire between the chicken wire and wire fence to secure along the whole length.

Last year, I finally had some beans and lettuce for the humans!

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