first plant/flowers

emerald1951July 23, 2011

Hi .....

a friend gave me this plant and now it is blooming what do you all think..any tips on growing this plant and wintering it over, as I live in Minnesota, I would surely be glad for the info...

thanks for looking and any info....linda

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labland(Inland Valley CA9)

Looks great! Nice blossoms and leaves look healthy. What you will now see is where the inflorescence (blossoms) comes out of the trunk, your plant will now develop branches off to the side, 2,3 and even sometimes 4 branches. Is it now outside? Keep in mind they love full sun, and on the dry side. Congratulations!

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Linda, what a nice friend you have!

Your plumeria will need to be kept over 40 degrees this winter. The longer it stays in temps below 70 the longer it will stay dormant and the less likely it will bloom again next year. Since it's small you may want to keep it in your house in a sunny window, misted regularly so it isn't so dry. It will lose all its leaves around December and look pretty sad until probably at least April for you so far north.

It will still need a little water over winter, maybe a cup every few weeks, depending on how dry the air is. The soil shrinking away from the sides of the pot will stress it as much as too much water will as the roots are still growing over winter and do need some moisture.

Some people will keep their plants more active over winter with supplemental grow lights and others will send them into dormancy by putting them in a dark place with no water for a few months. I keep mine in a sunny east-facing room and add lights, mist daily and water a couple times a month, leaves or not. But then again, I live in Texas where we only have two weeks of winter, lol. My plumeria vary but about 75% lose all leaves and go dormant for just a couple of months and go back outside for good at Easter until Thanksgiving. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but these plumeria are so worth it! Yours looks like it might have a great scent to enjoy. Good luck!


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sunseeker53(10a CA USA)

Congrats! Your plant looks very healthy. I agree with Jen, it looks like it might have a great scent! The flower looks like Celadine to me.
Just be careful, you might like it a lot and might want 1 or 2 more... and before you know it you'll end up like all of us addicts :-)

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Hi...........yes it has a great delicate sweet smell...
the plant stands about 3 feet tall and has three arms,
and the arm that is blooming looks like it is going to make 2 new arms....i hope it makes it here it is very pretty...and the leaves are about 8 inches long and 3 inches at the widest....
thanks all for the info...linda

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