More than One Material for Potager Paths?

chickadeemelrose(5)May 5, 2010

I would appreciate opinions as to the materials I will use in my potager and whether or not it would be a good idea to use two different materials.

My potager is 9' by 25', so it is relatively narrow and not large overall. I have tried to break it up into five areas, four for veggies and flowers and a fifth little area for two chairs and some pots.

I have planned one path to go through the potager. There are pea pebbles in the path leading from the front, through the tomatoes and salad vegetables directly to the little sitting area. Then the path continues through the area where there will be many flowers and vegetables together, in a design with a semicircle on each side surrounded by flowers. The path through this area is where I am contemplating using mulch.

When the path leaves that area, it changes back to stone in a small area in front of the green bean trellises, and leads out of the potager.

Does this sound like an okay plan? I am trying to break up the visual of stone a bit and add interest. I would be grateful for any opinions.


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I used mulch (7 cubic yards!) for all my paths and really love it. I put down several sheets of newsprint to keep the weeds from coming through the mulch.Do you have pics of your garden? It sounds lovely.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mulch pics

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Your garden design sounds very impressive. I love that you're putting seating in the garden :)

I think two types of path material are fine. It sounds like you're making a design statement, so why not? I'd love to see pictures, too!

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Thanks for your replies! I truly appreciate your thoughts on the paths subject. I spent the better part of today putting together a chunk of the garden. I have a whole lot to do yet, but I will post pics when it's reasonably together. I still haven't decided on stone vs. mulch vs. whatever for part of the garden, but your input has been very helpful. Thanks again -

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