Fertilizer for my peppers?

packer43064June 5, 2009

Hey everyone, I have a few different types of peppers. Ummmm, a few jalapeno, bells, sweet banana pepper plants.

I have grown peppers for several years now and besides the jalapeno plants I seriously get like at tops 5 peppers per plant at the most. Is 5 normal? It seems pretty low for like the sweet banana peppers. The jalapeno I get usually 10 per plant so that's not bad(I guess).

I've never used fertilizers for the peppers or anything else I have ever planted, my grandpa who taught me never did so I just didn't either.

Would using a fertilizer help me or not? What should I buy, I know they have the 3 numbers like 30-12-12 or whatever, what do peppers plant need more of? Also when do I even use the fertilizer, like once a planting season, every few weeks, just before the blooms go out, what? I just really want this pepper season to be good. Thanks-Jeff

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You really should have a soil test done to see what you need for your peppers. Your local Ag dept can do this for you for a few dollars.

I use a 10-10-10 garden fertilizer and add extra nitrogen. My soil, no matter how much organic waste we add, is always low in Nitrogen. This time we bought a large bag of Ammonium Nitrate 34-0-0. We've had pepper plants carry so many peppers the branches actually broke. This year with all the gloomy rainy days, our peppers are not producing as they usually do. And yes, rotate them. Don't plant peppers in the same place year after year.

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Thanks, I'll post some pics to see what everyone thinks of them. IDK they just never look to good.

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I've never used fertilizers for the peppers or anything else I have ever planted, my grandpa who taught me never did so I just didn't either.

Your grandfather probably did things you didn't know about such as adding manures or had cover crops or who knows. Still, there are soils that are naturally fertile enough that they can grow crops well for decades before the nutrient supply is exhausted.

Many years ago, before agriculture, there were civilizations that would migrate to an area and finding water and fertile ground would settle there. They would grow their food until the ground no longer grew it well and then they would move on to another area. They didn't understand plant nutrition or they could have stayed where they were and simply tended to the soil.

In other words, yes, you need fertilizer or some source of nutrients.

Still, there are other considerations that may account for poor performance. Too much or not enough water, not enough sun etc. would all result in sub par growth from peppers (any plant really).

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pappywith4(zone 8)

I use spent coffee grounds and it works pretty good.But my soil is mushroom mix :)

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remember keep good drainage hot peps don't like wet feet long
I use fish emulsion/bonemeal/bloodmeal/seaweed mixed with a good dose of water every 3 weeks and the peppers are huge and good

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i use egg shells for my plantsthey really work

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