dormant seeding Blue Grama, success?

ernestm(z4)August 24, 2006

I am in the process of preparing an old pioneer cemetery for dormant seeding of native grass and forbs later on this fall/early winter. I have decided that I want Blue Grama as basically the only grass being that it is fairly short and can be treated somewhat like a lawn.

I definitely want to dormant seed my forbs as I've had good success in the past with dormant seeding. I know that a warm season grass would be better seeded in the spring but I don't know how I would seed forbs in the fall and grass in the spring without disturbing any forb seedlings.

Anyway, my question is if anyone has dormant seeded Blue Grama and how was the germination? Or, is there a way to seed the grama in spring without harming the forbs?


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froggy(z4/5 WI)

imo, dormate seeding is almost always best.

the mechanisms of prairie plants are designed for fall seedings.


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ahughes798(z5 IL)

I always seed in the late fall because that's the time most of the seeds go to the dirt, anyway. What Froggy said! April

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froggy(z4/5 WI)

sorry April. lately ive been stealin ur thunder. but i got this new laptop and i can actually type out in the fields when the feeling hits me... ahhh technology. i suppose that is why lately my posts are more poetic than usual, its the setting.


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pickwick alternate approach to get a head start might be described a bit here(outdoor growing environment)/sheltered from rain): Styroblocks- I used the 112/80 mil CopperBlock(Beaver Plastics;see pdf doc from Stewe & Sons,Inc. pic with sheared tops is how I did it to help manage foliar diseases)(Their product has been improved from what is described in the USDA Handbook 674;vol.5...I used both...
A manually adjustable thermostic controlled heat mat. I used ProGro 22x60);Taylor soil temp. probe a bench system: I like those stackable plastic coated metal closet organizers.
a registered hort. disinfectant and bottle brush;

I used a pipe/mallet to core planting holes (slightly larger than the dia. of the cell); planted 4 to a grouping around a slight depression to aid in watering and a low analysis granular fert.
The Granite Seed catalog rates soils;pH; PLS ad so on(though one should assess ecotype sources)...A useful text is Pop. Biology of Grasses(Cheplick,ed.)
hello to froggy.. just visiting to catchup on LBS shoptalk

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...additional notations :it is of my opinion that the design and material of a container is an important consideration. These styroblocks are specialized, good for grass plug production, not good for many other plants.The depth of four inches is quite satifactory. Diameter size and hence volume depends upon the characteristics of the grass.(i.e.tillering)Maintaining sheared growth will also aid in controlling culm diseases... I also use bell wire to secure blocks to modular benches ; pins to secure the benches to the ground if left in the open.The mobile benching system helps me to push the crop(i.e. more sun exposure) for scheduling (if need be) for outplanting dates...

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a nasty typo error...please excuse.
Stuewe & Sons Inc.>>(Beaver Styroblocks)

Here is a link that might be useful: stuewe site

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I have sown Blue Gramma in late fall and got a fair germination in late spring, but I have heard that BGG germination depends on the weather. The seeds and young seedlings like to be kept moist so you either need a wet spring or some kind of a watering system.

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