Old dolomite

moonie_57July 11, 2012

Hi Everyone!

I'm getting ready to make up some 5:1:1 mix and have an old bag of dolomite out in the shop. It is probably about 5 years old. As usual, I tend to over-think things and got to worrying. Is there any reason to believe that lime can break down and that this leftover dolomite I have would not be any good? Shouldn't be a thing wrong with it... right? :)

Hope you all have had as nice of a day as I have had. Although it's been mostly cloudy, it hasn't rained today. And the temp and humidity is down from last week. I have to admit that I needed a break from the heat!

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it's basically just magnesium which should not break down.
congrats on cooler weather. It was SEVENTY SEVEN here yesterday! Almost had to break out the coats, that is winter weather for us.

Rain and more rain, the streets are flooding in Houston, then again it's always flooding in Houston. The saying is if 2 guys go outside and pee at the same time Houston floods.
Have a great week!
Tally HO!

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