Wilting peppers

macmanmatty2(8b)June 4, 2006

Out of the blue 2 of my plants ( Aji Benito Jamaican Orange) Have started to wilt and lose leaves and look like they are about to die. One day they were big healthy looking plants the next shriveled up plants. They are out in full florida sun and get tomato food every 1.5 weeks and watering when they need it. All my other plants get this are doing fine ( even other Aji benitos and Jamiacan oranges). What could be causing this problem. Too much sun?? Bugs of some kind?? I''ve never heard of this happening of peppers like this before. Any help would be appreacted



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sounds like too much chemical fertilizer. what kind of tomato food. is is dry chemical fertilizer.

if they have too much fert the thing to do is to wash out the soil will tons of water draining though the soil. the chemical fertilizer will build up over time. your others might get the same thing on your next fertilization of them.

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byron(4a/5b NH)

Peppers only need a little fertilizer 3 times per growing season Maybe a tad too much ???

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my jalapenos are doing the same thing, other pepper varities are doing well. Same treatment and soil for both so i also would love to know what can cause this.

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I am using mircale grow tomatoe food that you mix with water (18-20-18). I will try fertlizing them less and see what happens thanks


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I have found that my wilit most likely is fungius called Verticillium wilt. Does anyone know any practical ways of dealing with this?? From what i've discovered it most likely came from the cheap soil or compost I used and will affect all plants in my soil .

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You can try something like a "Bio Chestnut Compound" or "Hydrogen Peroxide" to kill the fungus!!! My plants were in not a very good shape after lots of overwatering and fertz and they had dampning off, a fungus infection. So i read about hydrogen peroxide and what a punch it carries.!! My plants are very vibrant now and look quiet different from the plants they used to be.
The Hydrogen peroxide is availible in chemists a 3% solution and it kills the fungus in the soil plus it adds oxygen to the plant more in the soil.
To me im never gonna stop using this hydrogen peroxide again..! as its so good after only 3 weeks of use and it doesnt harm the plants. Well that still remains to be seen...lol


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