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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)June 4, 2012

Here's my potager type area, it's a circle garden. There is another "ring" to the circle but I didn't get great photos of that today. Basically it's a small inner ring, then middle ring that is divided into 4 beds, another middle ring which is a walkway of huge pieces of broken cement, and an outer ring, slowly being filled with perennial offerings (filled in with annual veg while perennials grow). This is the center ring.

We have another work area, just to the left of the above photo. It houses rain barrels, more fencing for seedlings, and some compost bins and tools. It's steps away from the kitchen garden area, so handy.

And here's the one side of the veggie garden:

Here is the main entrance to the veggie garden. Not much happening here yet. It's still growing!

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What a fun place to spend time in - love all that purple.

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wow those cold frames are great!

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tishtoshnm Zone 6/NM

Wow, what a wonderful garden you have. I love the fence, cold frames and seedling benches. It takes guts to use a bright color like that. I love it!

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Thanks for sharing your garden photos and your creative use of color & space on the fencing for seedlings. Does that height keep the sneaky slugs away? Looks perfect for tending without bending over. Convenience is key to seedling success. As I gain more gardening experience I realize that more and more.

Your paths, patio, trellises, rain barrel, work space, etc. show a lot of time & energy expended. Great work & thanks again for sharing with us!

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I wish I had a camera that would take photos with a wide enough angle to show everything. The circle garden really is quite pretty. Nobody would really know that most of it is edible or medicinal.
The wooden beds are 10" tall, I'm over 6' tall so I still bend, a lot :), but this is the general height of the bed I make for able bodied clients. I use two boards deep for clients who need less bending or who use wheels to roll up to their gardens. The height precludes rabbits, turtles, and many bugs such as slugs from interest in the garden. Using wood chips (not bagged, but from tree service) has also helped everywhere in my garden: pointy stuff is ouchy. So slugs tend to visit other gardens!
This garden set up is somewhat time consuming but lasts a long time and eventually saves money. I easily save $100 a month using rain barrels, the coldframes and fence shelving means I can start seeds outside on the cheap: no lights needed. Bamboo is free here, and it really only took a few hours one evening to errect all those structures. I'm pretty quick at it now! If I pre-cut and group bamboo when it's culled for drying - label it for intended purpose all that needs to be done is to tie it up. Pipe clamps on the beds hold it to the ground - the same pipe clamps I use for the winter PVC tenting system so we can eat all year 'round from the garden.
I want things convenient to the area. Each of my garden areas gets a small workspace, small plant keeping place, a few necessary tools, water etc. placed close by. This means a small outlay (I will shop at discount stores and a yard sales for stuff, and we also recycle all sorts of great stuff in my community) but I don't have to lug things around on a very large city property. I can spend more time on the actual garden task and less time toting everything around this way. I can get a lot more accomplished.

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