Little Blue Stem seed collection

comeonSeptember 14, 2005

I have been invited by a friend to collect lbs seeds from her pasture. However, I am not sure what they should look like when mature and ready to collect. Can anyone describe this to me, if someone had a picture that would really help.


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Just type in "Little Bluestem" into your search engine and you will find plenty of info/photos.

When the seed is ready--a couple of weeks or so here in NW Indiana--you can just grip the stem between thumb and forefinger and pull off the seeds; if they are ready, they will come right off in a nice little batch! If not, wait a week and try again.

Make sure seed is perfectly dry and store in a paper bag in a ziploc in the fridge 'til ready to plant.

Good luck! Plant more LBS! Share it with your friends!

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