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Vera_EWASH(z5 EasternWA)September 11, 2004

Baptisia tinctoria photo at the USDA Plants Database in the leaf arrangement, no stepoles (sp.) and stems are thin...my leaves are in the same shape except the leaves are shaped more like B. australis each leaflet has its own petiole..the center petiole is a tad longer (maybe 1/16-1/8") than the 2 lateral. A single center vien.




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paul299(z4 Minnesota)

Are you asking a question?

Closeto30 US species.

B. austrlis : has blue-violet flowers. Leaflets 2-8 CM long, oblanceolateto obovate

B. tinctoria : has yellow flowers. Leaflets 1-2 cm long but in some races up to 4 cm long, Obovate from a cuneate base.

Both species have stipules, but can lose them durring/after flowering. (Or after spring growth is done)

The species in this genus also form Hybrids too,and those plants do not fallin the normal range of the species, often.

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