Cut strawberries back to 3', can I plant pole beans?

tammyinwv(z6/WV)June 20, 2012

I read that if I trimeed my strawberries back to about an 1" above crown ( I did 3"), it would increase my yield next yr. Can I now plant pole beans there? I figured since I am planting seeds, i wouldnt have to disturb the strawberry plants since I wont be digging. Any ideas?


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If strawberries are June bearing yes.
If everbearing no, don't cut them back.

Depending on spacing of strawberries you can plant the beans in there, too. The plants need water & nutrients to set their berries for next year, so as long as you can provide what they both need, why not?

Be sure the trellis set up and when picking you replace any runners that get pulled up or sunken down.

I've grown garlic & onions between 2 rows of strawberries successfully.

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I overplant my June bearing strawberries with butternut squash. Initially starting the squash in pots, I transplant the squash into the strawberry bed around the middle of June. Last year I had a great crop of both strawberries and squash in the same garden space!

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Thanks a lot for the info. I just needed some confirmation this would work. My strawberry bed is on the end of my potager. I had planed on planting directly in with the strawberries, but since the strawberries had begun to run under the fence, so I tilled just outside this fence end, and ammended the soil. now i will go ahead and the let spill under the fence into this widened area. Now I am going to put the pole beans on the trellis I put over this end of the fence, but plant the pole beaNS at the edge of the berries on the outisde, then someething else at the feet. maybe more bush beans.

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I grow butternut squash in our strawberry bed. They do really well and the strawberries seem to like the shade in July and August!

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