Potager pictures--new fence! (Picture heavy)

lisa33(6b Bucks County PA)June 21, 2010

Hey everyone!

Well, my long-awaited fence was installed over the weekend. I'm mostly pleased, although the fence guy short cut one thing that really impacted the overall design. I'm trying not to fixate on it!

Here it is:

I'm so grateful for this forum. The support has been fantastic. I'm also so glad you encouraged me to get the taller obelisks. I think it works really well and shorter ones would not have had the same impact. Mao_tse_mom (I think that's your screen name!), thank you for the observation about the golden ratio! Brilliant.

Besides the look of the obelisks, look at the beans and tomatoes....

And here's a shot of my herb bed and little cafe set. I didn't do it intentionally, but I really think that Lavender Lass gave me a theme. I hadn't been consciously thinking "Provence" but after she posted about that, I started thinking about the fact that my potager really has a bit of the feel of Provencal fabrics. I found a nice set of cushions for the chairs with that look.

Still lots of planting to do in the perennial beds that border the raised stone beds. I have lots of perennials in pots that need to go in the ground when we have a break in this heat wave. Poor things! I thought I'd have them in the ground long before this.

I also had the fence guy leave the western side fence posts high so I can plant climbing roses or vines there. I'm also creating beds outside the fence (both in front and on the western side).

Blah, blah, blah...thank heavens for this forum because you are the only people I can drone on and on to about this stuff! Thanks for looking and reading.


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Lisa, I am just amazed at the difference you have made! Great job and congratulations. I love all the additions you have made.

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Wow---beautiful job, Lisa! I love it!

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

Positively adoreable. I dearly love the color you painted your shed. Do you know the name of your super tall daylilies? They are great.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Wonderful! The rock walls and the obelisks are the things that really grab me.

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Wow! Your potager looks terrific. I love the metal gate with the wood fence, the obelisks, the stone, the center pot. It looks so inviting!! What a great vision put into reality.

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Looks so terrific. May I ask where you got the obelisks from?

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

It turned out perfectly! I love that you used an iron, fence, it looks so great with the oblisks. I'd like to know where you got those too. Lovely!

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Wow! Your potager looks terrific. I love the metal gate with the wood fence, the obelisks, the stone, the center pot. It looks so inviting!! What a great vision put into reality.

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Just beautiful and so inviting - I can see sitting and having a glass of wine in the evening and coffee in the morning - you did a fantastic job ......


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oh my goodness Lisa, you have created a fantasitc space! I love the color of the shed, window box and shutters! The garden is adorable, love the fence, so CUTE! I'm sure it was a lot of work but how worth it! awesome job!

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I love it all,and the shed color is one of my favorite colors.Will you paint the picket fence?? You've done a great job,enjoy and TFS.

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lisa33(6b Bucks County PA)

Thanks so much for the kind words. This project has been the most fun of all. To answer some questions, the daylilies are just common "ditch" lilies. I absolutely adore them, though! They were in that location before I built the potager since I planted them last fall.

I got the obelisks from Plow & Hearth. There was a 30% off coupon that I found, which helped with the price. I got two 8' obelisks and four 7' ones. Happy birthday to me! I know it was a bit of an extravagance, but I really wanted the space to be as much about its ornamental value as its productivity. So far, they are working out really well. I expect to enjoy them for many years.

I'd really love input on whether or not to stain or paint the fence. Part of me wants to let the cedar weather. When I first had some portions of the fence installed last fall (I had to gate off some sections at the corners of the property), I bought a gallon of opaque white stain. I haven't used it. Part of the reason I hesitate is that the entire opposing length of fence on the other side of my yard is natural wood and will stay that way since it belongs to the neighbor on that side. I've also been checking out a couple of different fences around my town and have admired one stained a grayish-blue and another a grayish-green. Going with a color stain like that would be less of a contrast between the neighbor's natural wood fence and mine. I dunno. Any thoughts? Picking colors always scares me.

Thank you so much again. It's so nice to be able to share this space with people who understand.


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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

No stain. Natural cedar with your stone- wow.

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lily51(OH 5)

What a wonderful garden! Everything about it says, "Welcome". I love the combinations of color(blue is always a favorite garden color for me), materials and plants. Well done!

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gwenb(7 WA)

It has turned out to be amazing. I bet you are SO happy with it.

Re color on the pickets. Definitely not paint, but maybe stain. I have a similar situation to you and am going with letting the wood age to grey, which I actually really like the look of. I do not think a blue/grey stain would look bad, but why go to the trouble when weathered grey would look fabulous as well.

I think bright color on the fence will compete with all the plants, ornamentals, and garden art. I would not want my eye distracted from all the other great stuff you've got going on.

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tishtoshnm Zone 6/NM

I would consider painting or staining the posts that the gate is attached to (perhaps even the blue of the potting shed) which would draw the eyes to the gate more but allow the rest of the fence to weather.

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gwenb(7 WA)

I like the idea of painting the two posts the gate is attached to!

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nancyjane_gardener(Zone 8ish North of San Francisco in the "real" wine country)

Something you might consider doing if you want the silvery weathered look, is to mix some cement with a lot of water and use that as a stain.It will make it look like aged wood and match the neighbor's fence. It will also protect the wood.
My DH used to use this on his carved redwood furniture, until someone got a rash from a bench! LOL. They even called it a silvery weathered finish!
Fine on fences, not the best on benches/chairs that people sit on! Nancy

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t-bird(Chicago 5/6)

Hi Lisa,

I don't think the reddish wood enhances your designed by when it greys, I think it will work nicely with the shed color.

It looks like your main posts are treated wood? They won't weather the same way if they are....

I was looking longingly at those obelisks. Have you tried them with tomatoes? Wondering if they have the width for it.

I was comparing the obelisks to the texas tomato cages, and price wise - they are only about twice the price. The width on the tomato cages is 18 or 24, whereas the obelisks are 11 or 14. The 8 foot obelisks are a the only 14 inch one and are pricier......don't know about plow and hearths shipping costs either...But they are certainly lovely!

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Beautiful garden! I would love to have it-- what is inside the shed? Can we see pics, maybe?

There is an eco-friendly paint/stain I found at Ecohaus.com that I am planning to use our fences-- shared with neighbor on one-side only. Maybe she will agree to paint/stain hers too-- I like to protect the wood as we live in the So. Cal. desert.

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