My new blue Obelisks

tammyinwv(z6/WV)June 6, 2010

My husband got these built for me this morning, and I got them painted while the rain storm hit. He did a great job, and the only thing the two cost us was the four 2x4's. The rest of the lumber was from scraps we had.


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lisa33(6b Bucks County PA)

Oh, very nice! Good hubby to have! I like the pop of color, too.


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Oh, I like those. Great color, too. Did hubby use a specific plan? I've been hoping to make an obelisk, but so many plans use such complicated angle cuts .

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Ali-b, I designed it from pictures I have seen online. We just kinda winged it, starting with splitting the 2x4's, and just kinda measured things as we went. He used a table saw, an electric drill, hammer and nails, oh and a hand saw to trim some ends off the braces. I wanted the typical "X" bracing in the middle. But he didnt want to take anymore time on them. We did no angle cuts other than to shape the top. The legs were just split 2x4's, then the top was a box built, then slipped it over the ends of the 2x4's, Fastened the legs in place, screwed the braces into place, then cut a cap from two 1x6"pieces butted together, and a piece of a 6x6 used for the cap.I have seen some use the one piece fence caps to use as a top for their trellis, but I didnt want to spend anymore money on them than necessary. If you check my blog, you can seem them unfinished and maybe see the construction detail a little better.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Blog

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Wow! Those are great and the color is so much fun. What is growing beneath them?

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Laura, I have white half runner pole beans planted under them. They are already almost 2 ft tall before I the the towers in.I planted the beans with the intention of planting them around a square obelisk. I have some Blue Lake 274 bush bean planted in another narrow side bed. I also planted a new white hybrid zinnia around the edges of the bean bed.My kids made fun of them being blue. They wanted something more sedate. But I love the pops of blue.

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t-bird(Chicago 5/6)

Really nice!

I hope to get DS started on somesuch when he's finished building my fence....

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Tammy- Great oblelisks and what a perfect color! Those must look amazing in the garden :)

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I love that blue in the garden. i just wish I had the energy to paint the tomato stakes as well. They are yucky naked pine...maybe next yr.

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I like the blue too. I am definitely missing some pops of color in my garden.Thanks for the construction tips on your obelisks.

Don't worry your naked pine stakes will soon be invisible under lush tomato vines.

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lily51(OH 5)

Love them! There's something about blue accents for a garden.

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You can use some thin twine or rope to make your Xs in the middle. I would like some of those too. I have some 4x4s, bad quality, given to me for poles or framing, maybe I can divide them each in 4 and do the same.

How tall do you make an obelisk? They are very useful. Every year I use old 1 inch thick stems of brush and tie them in together as a frame with strings coming down in the middle to form a net. Very easy, but it would be nice have a permanent something to let them grow on.

The peas died and I planted green beans in their place and they are probably going to outgrow the pea trellis I have for them.

Yours look pretty and have a nice professional formal appearance.

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