Sowing BETONY on 'pure' clay soil?

lascapSeptember 17, 2013

Sorry my poor English.
I dug a large pond in my garden and I spread the earth ( in fact 100% clay from digging ) on a very low part of the garden:
a good layer on the ground of several centimeters of clay.
i reserved top soil for later use.
I would sow direct betony seeds on this clay soil; In fact, this soil is made of pure clay only.
-Is betony seeds will grow on the 'pure' clay soil? Otherwise, what to do?
-Is it a good time to sow betony seeds? (we are in Fall) or it would be better to wait until spring?
-Do you have any advices for me? (Witch material to cover the seeds, etc �)
Here, in nothern part of France, Betony is very rare & endangered specie.
I love this plant!
Thank you in advance

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Las, from what I can tell, betony likes an average, moist but well-drained site. As such, pure clay could potentially stay too wet for it to do well. But.........why not try it and see what you get? If nothing else, plants will tend to surprise with their ability to survive what seem like less than ideal conditions.


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Thanks wisconsitom !
The problem is drainage..
Should i try to make a raised seed bed, with good drainage, then replant small seedlings after?
Betony grow very slow here, unwanted 'weeds' grow fast.

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Raised beds are a great way to grow just about anything. Of course, the weeds will also enjoy it! But if drainage is your main concern, raised beds coupled with the addition of well-made compost or other organic matter, will create beautifully draining soil. I've done that many times in our display beds here at the city I happen to work for, and also for my own home veggie gardens. Really makes a difference!


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Ok, i will do a raising seed bed ! Thanks wisconsitom!

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